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I know what I produce from!

To produce 100% juice I use only fruits and vegetables that come from our own orchards or from certified farmers. I personally supervise the cultivation of most fruits and can vouch for every drop of juice that gets to your table.

Tomáš Soška, owner


story that has juice!

Fruits and vegetables To produce Vitaminator we use quality fruit from our own production or from certified Czech fruit-growers. We grow our fruit in the virgin nature of the Jeseníky foothills on 60 hectares of organic orchards.
Storage Raw materials are stored in refrigerated warehouses with a protective atmosphere, enabling us to deliver juice that is always fresh.
Washing Processed fruit and vegetables passes through washing in a water bath, from where it is then transported to a belt press.
Juicing Fruits passes through the belt press which produces the maximum amount of fruit juice full of vitamins and healthy substances.
Warming The pressed juice is briefly heated to 78 ° C and subsequently cooled, which ensures that the important nutritional components of fruits and vegetables are preserved.
Vitaminator 100% natural juice Filling into BAG IN BOX packages, which enable long-term durability without the use of preservatives.
78 °C