Consumer tests of fruit juices


Have you ever wondered what might be differences in product quality between manufacturers?

Vitaminator products regularly receive awards from expert committees and in consumer tests, nothing remains a secret, we pride ourselves on the principles that we follow in the production and give our customers the best!

D-TEST consumer test:

In the previous testing of fruit juices in this consumer test we took the overall second place. Among pasteurized juices we were the first.

Test of the Vitaminator 100% Apple and its evaluation:

 " The juice does not contain traces of patulin or pesticides. Sulphur dioxide was not used in the production.
Lightly turbid juice of a moderately rich colour, fresh fruity aromas and distinctive apple flavour. Not as acidic, very sweet. "

The evaluation of Vitaminator published in MF Dnes

This year we were not evaluated, unfortunately, but we guarantee that our quality of production remains at a high and unchanged level.