NEW product - Jerusalem artichoke


The Jerusalem artichoke tubers contain quality oil, fibre, potassium, amino acids, vitamin C and other vitamins and in particular inulin, which is beneficent not only for diabetics, but also for all others, because it reduces blood sugar levels and destroys free radicals. Apple - Jerusalem artichoke is a great diet food product conducive to weight reduction and also suitable for people in recovery and for elderly persons. Not only does it improve the activity of the digestive system but the functioning of liver and kidneys as well. It also promotes metabolism in general and has anti-rheumatic and anti-asthma effects.

They are suitable for pregnant women, because their consumption relieves pregnancy cramps and nausea and acts against abortion. They have positive effect on lowering of the blood cholesterol levels and also detoxifying and anti-stress effects.

Consumer tests of fruit juices


Have you ever wondered what might be differences in product quality between manufacturers?

Vitaminator products regularly receive awards from expert committees and in consumer tests, nothing remains a secret, we pride ourselves on the principles that we follow in the production and give our customers the best!

D-TEST consumer test:

In the previous testing of fruit juices in this consumer test we took the overall second place. Among pasteurized juices we were the first.

Test of the Vitaminator 100% Apple and its evaluation:

 " The juice does not contain traces of patulin or pesticides. Sulphur dioxide was not used in the production.
Lightly turbid juice of a moderately rich colour, fresh fruity aromas and distinctive apple flavour. Not as acidic, very sweet. "

The evaluation of Vitaminator published in MF Dnes

This year we were not evaluated, unfortunately, but we guarantee that our quality of production remains at a high and unchanged level.

Why use the Sea buckthorn?


Why use sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is a plant that has many health benefits and its usability is really wide. Due to its high content of vitamin C and initial occurrence the sea buckthorn is also occasionally known as the lemon tree of the north. Orange berries contain more vitamin C than an orange and a wide range of other beneficial substances. Sea buckthorn is found mainly in China, Nepal, India and Siberia, but it can grow almost anywhere as it is not difficult to grow.

Last year we planted 500 seedlings of sea buckthorn in Vitaminator orchards. Therefore, in two years you can buy not only our delicious sea buckthorn juice, but also sea buckthorn berries.


What sea buckthorn contains

Buckthorn berries are a natural concentrate of not only vitamin C, but also of a number of other beneficial substances - vitamins A, B, D, F, K, P, amino acids, sugars, tannins, and essential oils. Amino acids are essential for the maintenance and recovery of muscles, tendons, skin, ligaments, nails and hair. Further it is involved in the production of hormones, enzymes and other beneficial substances. Vitamin P strengthens capillaries and prevents degradation of vitamin C and increases its effect. This causes the high resistance of vitamin C in buckthorn berries, which is then well preserved even after drying and heat treatment. The berries further include coumarins and many minerals. The orange-red colour of the fruit is caused by their content of carotenoids – vitamins of the A group soluble in fat.

The effects of sea buckthorn

Beneficial effects on the skin

Sea buckthorn has a very good effect on skin regeneration. For this reason it is used to produce cosmetics. Sea buckthorn oil is often used to treat damaged skin and mucous membranes. It is beneficial for frostbite or burns, can reduce pain of bruises. It supports the treatment of skin diseases (acne, allergies), prevents the drying of the skin and improves its quality. It is also suitable for the sensitive skin of children. It also prevents hair loss.

Strengthening the immune system

Even in the past sea buckthorn was often used for overall support of immunity and defence against the development of various diseases. The positive effect on the immune system is already clear from the previous list of beneficial substances, which it contains.

Organs and digestion

When used internally the sea buckthorn positively influences the activity of the liver, pancreas, promotes healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers, improves peristalsis and has a positive effect on haemorrhoids. Also discovered were its anti-tumour effects.

Have you tried taking sea buckthorn in any form? How were you satisfied with its effects? 

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