We currently tend to a total of 102 hectares of land. The greater part with an area of 60 ha is occupied by orchards, where we grow fruit in accordance with the principles of organic farming. Thus the crops can bear the BIO designation as a sign of their natural origin and high content of healthy substances.


The most widespread fruits in our orchards are red and black currant. We harvest annually approximately 60 tons of red currant and approximately half the amount of black currant. Apple trees are also very popular and take up almost a quarter of the area of our orchards. We combine original and cultivated varieties, which after processing give our 100% natural juice a harmony of flavours.

The remaining part of the orchard is reserved for crops, which our customers demand.
These are mainly raspberry, plum, elderberry and hawthorn. We pay particular attention to these plants and tend them carefully. Also involved in the planting of orchards are the Faculty of Horticulture of the Mendel University in Lednice and the Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology Holovousy.

We are constantly expanding our orchards, for examplein 2014 we planted 500 sea buckthorn seedlings.