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3D samolepící vlajka Velké Británie 50 x 30 mm


We are a traditional Czech family company from the Jeseníky foothills. We have been farming in an ecological farming system for many years. We are engaged in cultivation and production activities - processing of our own crops, production of 100% natural juices, fruit snacks, etc.

With regard to our many years of experience in agricultural primary production, we decided to share the knowledge of the orchardist's work with children, and to pass on experience and basic knowledge to them in a fun way. That is why ORCHARD'S LEARNING TRAIL was built in 2019 with the aim of illustrating and entertainingly showing the main goals of the environmental approach of gentle agricultural activity in nature. Visitors will gain knowledge about gentle farming methods on agricultural land made up of fruit orchards, arable land, forests and ponds. This project was co-financed by MSK.

In May, 2020, the construction of the ROPE CENTER was completed, which is intended for children aged 3-12 years. The construction was financed in cooperation with MAS OPAVSKO.

You have a unique opportunity to look into our BIO orchards, where we lovingly grow fruit and field crops for you, and then look into our "kitchen", how we produce for you, on a unique production line, natural fruit and vegetable juices and VITAMINÁTOR® snacks
During the tour, we will introduce you to the history and development of our company, and you will have the opportunity to taste our products. The production process is bound by the current production plan and is independent of the inspection. Therefore, we cannot guarantee in advance which part of the production you will see during it.

And at the end of the tour, you can buy all our VITAMINÁTOR® products at a discounted price.

We look forward to your visit!

Contact: Petra Malá, +420 737 664 930